• Destiny posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Day 1…once again…wish I could score some antabuse, but need a script for it and have no insurance. So, hard to get back on track after binging for days. I want to live AF, but keep failing at it. Definitely feeling defeated and I hate this feeling. How can I have control for some things and no control when it comes to drinking????

    • Because quitting drinking is damn hard – if it was easy there’d be no members on this site and no support groups like this. Alcohol is an addictive poison, both mentally and physically. You’re not failing. You’re learning what doesn’t work for you. Keep at it. Keep trying. Don’t give up.
      Think of when you were a small child learning to walk. Everytime you fell you pulled yourself up and tried again. And again. And again. You never told yourself, “Well, this isn’t for me!” You kept trying desperately until you walked. Then you took off running! Yay!!
      So, Day 1? Be brave. You can get through this day. Make the decision that you’re going to do it and don’t drink today.

    • Don’t focus or do anything else right now except staying sober. Just stay sober, whatever it takes. Soberlynn is right that this is hard. We have all had our Day 1s and they suck. So make this your ONLY goal and do whatever it takes to get some sober momentum. Then protect it like your life depends on it because it probably does. Stay close.

    • Destiny…would writing a list help? Perhaps a list of all the things you want to be and do as someone who is successful at living sober…then take day 1…live it sober…try to love it and you, then start day 2…live it sober…try to love it and you and so on…you get the picture. Keep coming to this community is FULL of good people who know your story..and will be beside you as you begin your journey

    • Hi don’t be so hard on yourself, alcohol is a poison and very addictive.. take it one day at a time, be kind to yourself.. once you get a few days in you’ll be so happy and confident, you can do this.. please keep posting..

    • Great answers from the folks above, keep posting here, you will get great advice and support.

    • Good on you in admitting you have no power over alcohol. It is cunning, baffling, powerful indeed. Throw the kitchen sink at this baby. Participate here, a lot. Read books, do research, get counselling if needed (not sure if you can get free counselling), have treats and alcohol free drinks on hand. Listen to podcasts, they have saved my sanity – The Bubble Hour is my favourite, although there are loads you can choose from. And, well, maybe ‘in real life’ support is in order. I attend 12 step meetings and the fellowship alone is magical. That’s coming from a person who would rather stab themselves in the eye than meet new people. (okay, well maybe not, but you get my meaning).

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