• Destiny posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    Off the wagon big time and can’t seem to be able to get back on!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh boo, it’s losing that sober momentum huh? We will try to hoist you back on again x

    • Just don’t drink. Join us! Keep checking in here, we’ll support you!

    • Grab a hold on here and hang on we can all help @Destiny

    • Leave the soul destroying shit by the waside @Destiny and decide to have the life you deserve.
      Dig deep and connect with the power within you. Your strength. Your determination. Don’t allow the weak part to take over. It’s only a drink. You’ve got a whole big beautiful life and much to achieve. Shrug that shit off and bee who you really are. We will all help you. You can do this xoxo

      • As @prudence said, dig deep, we are a lot more powerful than we know. Retrain that subconscious mind – there are lots of great personal development podcasts. I listen to them at night and in the morning. You can do this. Climb back on the wagon . Much love xox

    • Hang with us for a while. Take care

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