• DennyD posted an update 1 week ago

    Day 50
    I did not drink yesterday and I will not drink today.

    Moving slowly forward. I spend a lot of time feeling sad (which I guess is normal) but am starting to think of whats next.
    I’ve been looking at jobs online and although daunting I feel it would be great to move in a new direction.
    I don’t feel I want to go back to work in the DHB (District health board) I have worked with before and I want to do something different.
    I constantly waiver between taking a lesser job and either working part time or casual (to spend time with family etc)
    Take on a full time full on role and go hard for the next couple of years and then pull back/retire.
    I am very grateful that I potentially have the choice.
    I do know that whatever is right for me, the opportunity will present itself and I will either have to be brave or content.
    Being AF helps tremendously with mental clarity.
    Off now to exercise, more clearing of Dads Villa and then job hunting……busy busy busy….just how I like it.
    have a great Monday everyone

    • JM replied 1 week ago

      Congrats on day 50 @DennyD! Great milestone, love your attitude. : )

    • Congratulations on 50 days @DennyD, you’ve been through so much this past month and held your ground.

    • Being brave is definitely easier when your thoughts are clear. Wishing you the best as you figure out your new path, DennyD!

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