• DaveH posted an update 1 month ago

    I read this somewhere else today and really liked the idea, so I thought I’d pass it on.

    “I had a wine bottle in the house and I thought about throwing it away. But instead I got some labels and wrote on them lots of negative thoughts about drinking: TIME WASTER, SICKNESS, ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, DEPRESSION, SADNESS, FUZZY HEAD, BAD SKIN, HAPPINESS KILLER, FATTY LIVER, and so on. I then covered the bottle in these labels, and put it on my desk where I can see it all day.”

    • Such a cool idea!

    • Tewy replied 1 month ago

      I’m liking that idea 😊

    • That is a very clever thing to do

    • Hahaha yes indeed

    • Awesome reminder ❤️

    • Oh that is good. Retrain that subconscious mind! I like it!👍

      • Hi @Jesss Yes, that’s why I liked it too. One of the issues we face is that over a period of time the reasons we had to stop drinking start to fade. This is when all the arguments like “maybe I wasn’t that bad”, “I can probably have just one”, “I can probably keep it under control now” etc, etc start to sound more convincing. Our memories of drinking are hopelessly biased with “drinking is good” being one of the most strongly impressed memories we have. I like the idea that several times a day I get a message that drinking was actually bad. In time, through repetition of seeing the messages, the ideas that drinking was not good stay firmly in place. This is a really good way to lower our risk of relapse in the period after the pink cloud.

        • Maxx replied 1 month ago

          I still have stubbie that I took out of fridge the day I stopped I might try doing that that’s cool stuff.

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