• DaveH posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Here a short list of why I might drink tonight and why I should not. Do you have some of your own reasons to add?

    Reasons to drink tonight:
    1. The first couple of drinks relax me and put me in a positive state of mind.
    2. I won’t have to deal with cravings.

    Reasons to not drink tonight:
    1. I never stop at a few drinks
    2. I will wake up feeling really sick
    3. If I don’t drink then I can afford other treats
    4. I tell lies to cover my drinking, and lies means more secrets I have to keep
    5. I do embarrassing things when I drink
    6. I say things to other people that I regret when I drink
    7. I do things I wish I hadn’t when I drink
    8. I can be nasty when I drink
    9. I still drive home after drinking
    10. I am getting too old to be doing something this unhealthy
    11. If I drink I might have a stupid argument with my partner
    12. I’m not actually funny when I drink, I insult people
    13. I’m much smarter sober than drunk
    14. If there’s an emergency I’ll be able to deal with it
    15. If I don’t drink I can enjoy tomorrow and do useful things
    16. If I don’t drink I can watch TV and actually follow the plot
    17. If I don’t drink I don’t wake wondering what awful things I might have said or done
    18. If I don’t drink I don’t break things or hurt myself
    19. I hate myself when I sober up
    20. I hate feeling like I have failed

    • A good list @daveh!

    • Wow! what’s not to like?

    • Thank you for the reminder as I start on my sober journey again tomorrow. Soooo many more reasons to not drink, but so hard when you are in a bad space….Im so frustrated with myself. Tomorrow is a new day.

    • Yes!!!!
      Spot on
      How ironic…I’m on the couch now after binge watching Netflix, turned off tv and room dark…had a flashback of drunk as a skunk, pounding heart, on couch, in pitch blackness. EWWWWWW. Shudders. How weird I just came on here and read this, Dave. Thanks for sharing

    • this is great! One night drinking would have me hungover, unproductive, depressed and unwell for 3-5 days afterward.

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