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    • Hi! Any hope for solutions? Techie ones, not D and A I assume 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • It’s been a slow cat and mouse game of finding things to tweak and cache. He really bad error that made pages take 30s to load has been resolved and our server has been allocated maximum resource and the server side cache has been tuned to be as aggressive as possible bt the hosting team at flywheel.

        Where we are at now is that the logged out viewers of the site have had a good speed bump. We are now scoring 74/100 for desktop on google page speed test – which is pretty good for a WordPress site with lots of images. But the logged in viewers still suffer having at least 4s extra in server side rendering. The good news is this gives me a direction to keep investigating.

        I will keep making tweeks – I’m really hoping I find the one thing that is th ball and chain on these loads and that removing it provides a big win.

        One thing to now is that the members feed uses the WordPress api to update posts and comments on the fly (when it’s working well) – so you don’t need to reload as often. Eg when you post the page doesn’t need to refresh – the post just appears in the thread.

        A typical reaction to degraded site performance is to refresh the page more often – I think it provides people with a sense of “if that didn’t work – nothing will”. For this site I think this dynamic load has been working relatively reliably for a while – so if you do find yourself refreshing a lot, I can suggest refreshing less see how that feels.

        I’ll keep on chasing this mouse

        • Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. I do find I need to log out then back in or the site behaves weirdly, cant reply etc. But logged out I can still see all the posts …??!!

        • @Danthedev the read more button does my head in, its really slow to open the rest of the page so you can read more lol

    • Thanks for the info. Login sessions and page view permissions are in the same realm as logged in page speed. So that bodes well for finding the weak link in the system and removing/replacing it.

      • Hey @k1w1 thanks I am aware of that pain. Unfortunately wats happening there is that the site is paginating via making a request of the server for more data. So it’s not so much seeing the rest of the page as seeing the next page. I have a couple of fixes for this that I am looking at implementing. Once I have sorted out the emerald speed issue i’ll see about improving this.