• Daisy posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Here I am again guys 2 days off one day on 2 days on ones day off. What a rollercoaster. But Im back like a broken record.Trying something different not sure what but please forgive me:).

    • @Daisy so many of us are in the same place. Important thing is you keep coming back. I’m still trying to get to day 10. One of these times something will click. So much advice and knowledge here in this group! Hang in there

    • No forgiveness needed, as you are back. Keep on keeping on the good road, @Daisy. You can do this. Set a goal for three days, then see how well you feel. I am only on day 6 and feel amazing compared to a week ago.

    • There is no forgiveness needed. You still here and doing it again. It is all part of the journey. I suggest doing as much reading as possible and checking in here daily at least.

    • Complete acceptance here. I had a million Day 1s. You’ve hit the nail on the head: you need to try something different. For me it was getting rid of alcohol in the house and having a solid plan for my trigger times. That included staying close to this site and listening to podcasts. You CAN do this. You’re not alone love. xoxo

    • Yes, no forgiveness needed @Daisy! I would get caught up in the cycle of guilt, despair and shame, and then keep drinking. Arm yourself w more resources – keep reading sober blogs (hip,, has a feature where you can sign up to be the blogger’s penpal, helped me), and listen to sober audios, podcasts to rewire your brain. You can do this, keep checking in! xo

    • after you just give up, i quit, quit being tired, quit worrying about quitting, you feel this peace, so how do you keep the peace? i kept it by walking everywhere, through every store, every street, moving constantly, exhausted, could not sleep, sweaty, but it was not hot, every second of my body fighting back, releasing toxins, i welcomed. the healing process, really the best place to be, to know you are getting better. i listened to bubble hour, recovery elevator, i would even listen at night when i could not sleep, i just kept myself distracted at all costs. be well, friend, and welcome again.

    • @daisy – we don’t judge as we have been there. Just be sure to forgive yourself as shame is counterproductive to recover. Thankful you are here!

    • Nope. Forgiveness not required here. Just climb right back on board and face forward. Its a mother#@#!!! of a ride – but once you arrive, the scenery is spectacular. Keep going (and keep coming back here. The folks here are the BEST!) sending hugs from day 82.

    • You’ve just described what many people here say “I want off the rollercoaster!” One phrase is “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”. Make a plan on day 2 for days 3 and 4. Instead of pre-planning to drink, plan out what you will do on the next day. Take a different route, eat early and often, keep an AF drink in your hand and drink it, binge watch tv, go to bed early, don’t waffle about will you drink or not. Not! Just to see what day 3 will be like. You can get off the ride!

    • @daisy maybe make a long list of all the things you will do instead, treats, sober toolbox etc I found having it to look at helps you remember other ideas when you’re feeling you want to drink. Walking while listening to podcasts is really helpful for me, I try to find things I can relate to in any story and there is always something. Also every day is a fresh start, be kind to yourself!! that was hard for me but essential. Glad you’re here

    • How about trying something radically different? How about you write up a plan for going a week without drinking? For each of the seven days plan out how you are going to fill up those times that you used to drink. Prepare to be doing something in those most difficult times… be somewhere deliberate doing something deliberate. Write up a really big list of jobs that need doing. If you need to prepare to do them (implements, tools, materials, etc) then get these prepared in advance so you’re ready to go at a moments notice. Attack the jobs when you start to struggle. Prepare yourself a treat for each day. Long, hot bath, movies, special favorite meal. Add in some type of vigorous excersize each day… brisk walk, exercise machine, whatever… The endorphins from exertion will help. Write yourself a list of where you will not go near… Places you used to drink, places you can buy alcohol, people you used to drink with. If there is alcohol in the house then tip it out as the first action on your plan. Add to your list how you will connect to others in recovery each day.
      If you can do one week then you get past the peak of withdrawal, and you know there’s not a single day of the week that’s beyond you.

      You can do this. It is not impossible, you just haven’t found the ways that work yet. You will, and it is sooo worthwhile.

    • Everyone knows – you try, you fail, you get up and start again. But that ain’t a rollercoaster because it’s never the same again, every time there is a little change, even if you don’t notice. You learn. Your brain and your heart learn from that experiences and then there comes the moment when you are stronger than addiction. Try on, you train your power of resistance, it is not easy at all but it’s also not in vain! 🙂

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