• ClearRainbow posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi All from Austin Texas. I have a bit over 6 months AF (again). Hoping to keep AF forever. Life is so much better. I am mentally and physically better – down 18 lbs!
    Calculator says I’ve saved over $4000! I am regularly swimming in the springs here nearby and going to hot yoga twice a week. I am a sober active clear eyed grandma enjoying every minute I babysit my almost year old granddaughter. May she never see me drink! Plan on attending my 37 year old son’s wedding sober at the end of the month. He was always against marriage and is now getting married – to a Divorce Lawyer! Ironic eh? So all is good but I am feeling a bit shaky. I have been attending AA meetings for 6 months and they have definitely helped me stay sober. I have reached out to women and given my contact info and texted and called some but have failed to connect with any women. I am giving up on reaching out as it may steer me away from meetings. The only friend I have made there is a gay man near my age. He’s fine but …. anyway don’t want to drink and wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.

    • I’ve always been a solitary kind of person and have come to realise in my sobriety I need more connection. I’ve begun reaching out more but am finding it difficult to meet other women that I feel I can develop a true friendship with. My current best confidant is also a gay gentleman – I first met him as a high school friend of my daughters.
      Half my age, I’m 57 and he’s 29, but we somehow have a true connection, similar childhood traumas, addictions, anxiety issues, insatiable curiosities about the world. We share about everything, we laugh…a lot and have unending varied conversation. When I’m home alone he and his husband come and hang out. I would sincerely like to have that connection with other women but have yet to find it.

    • @ClearRainbow My best friend in AA is a gay man who has also helped me work the steps. I am not one of those bubbly, get on with everyone type people and likely have trust issues as well. Besides him there’s a small handful of people I’ll spill my guts to when neccessary or do things with outside of the rooms. I’m no stranger to most there as I’ve been attending meetings on and off for 15 years. I wouldn’t worry so much about it, you will find your tribe. I haven’t been going since I relapsed last month but plan on starting again tomorrow. It does make a big difference when I go. Nice to be around sober people in a sea of drunks. I am in New Orleans

      • @clearrainbow another thing I’ve learned that’s very important, is that you don’t have to listen to everyone’s advice, which some people are clearly to willing to give when it’s not even asked for. They say “Take what you need and leave the rest”, and that’s exactly what I do. It’s wise to not let things steer you away from something that is working for you. I have in the past and that has also lead to drinking again on numerous occasions. My mind is always looking for a reason to drink, still, and that’s just more of a good reason for me to continue to go. Hope this helps!

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