• claloula posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Coucou fellow sober warriors D.431- I’ve finished my MA, honestly it has been so protracted for various reasons but I got the dissertation in finally. It was tough work too, based on work I did in the aftermath of a major fire in London and I was a bit overwhelmed by the end. Have been feeling really tired and a bit off ever since, but it’s good to finish it. It’s my fourth university degree!!! Anyway, for the first time in ages I really fancied a glass of wine – it was transitory but weird. I’m veggie too and really fancied a steak, so lord knows what’s going on. No way would I touch either…. I’m going to find a nice restorative yoga class and set about relaxing. Love you guys who keep me sane xx

    • hey congrats!! I remember when I finished my MA and it really was such a high! Funny that we still have those urges to ‘celebrate’ in the old ways.. but a nice restorative yoga class sounds lovely.. and maybe a huge bunch of fancy flowers or some such?! Good on you! x

      • Aw! Thanks – it’s a relief more than anything and true, I was, in the absence of anything pressing to do, thinking I could go out and get smashed – it was really fleeting, but you’re right, it’s like a latent trace. Fancy flowers sounds a lovely idea. The yoga was fab (even if I was leapt upon by a doggie mid relaxation) xx

    • Congratulations, @claloula! That’s an achievement worth celebrating for sure 🙂

    • Well done!!! Now are you so over qualified employers will be suspicious? (I get a bit of that).
      What is your desired job – or are you in it and have been studying anyway? Been there, done that with babies ARRRRGGGHHHHH

      • I’m an academic, I guess -I’ve been a lecturer in French at various places, but when my last job ran out and because of having enough of grumpy professors (and a whole load of gender inequality where I was working) decided to go back to school and did the MA in refugee care – it’s been wonderful, involved a placement working with asylum seekers etc…

        • I remember you writing about that now. Will you work in that field now?

        • I’m not sure what’s opening up! I’ve just trained as in suicide postvention too so am keen to try and bring all of it together somehow! We’ll see xx

    • Congratulations!

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