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    Hello lovelies, a former next-door neighbour whose husband was cautioned for common assault against me some years ago attended my bloody pilates class today. She was a sort of surrogate mother figure to my sister when we were growing up, my mum arranged for her to get a secretarial job at the school where she taught. But they were a total nightmare in the end, threw eggs at the house on one occasion. She attends another class that I’ve avoided and this is a new one that I thought I’d escaped. It’s really nothing on the face of it, my life has moved on hugely but it niggles, you know. Mind you, when the teacher joked that she wasn’t keeping up it felt far too good. It’s another reason why I want to get away from the small town suburban middle England I’m in right now. I know politics pose problems on here sometimes, but it is safe to say, my views are not of the majority around here ! I just zone out and get on with things but argh, it still now gets the nerves going. She used to predict that I’d be a teenage mother (as if that’s even a bad thing), and I’m 43, single with no kids! Sorry to sound off, otherwise had a lovely day, and I actually love the lightness of the pilates….xxx

    • that would niggle for sure – egg throwing?! jeepers! I’ve just signed up for yoga again this term which I’m really looking forward to as I had dropped it for the second half of last year while I was busy doing contract work (excuses excuses). Sound off all you like this is what we’re here for! x

      • Aww thanks! Yeah, it was pretty squalid for a while. Yoga is always worth it 🙂 Even just a 30 minute online class is a reset and you always feel so much better once on the mat! xx

    • People can be so hurtful, and it was rude and not ok this person predicted some nonsense about you becoming a teenage mom. Besides….there are some awesome super-teenage moms out there, so I find her insult from back then not even accurate, nor creative, or ….anything…. how lame really. Couldn’t she come up with something ‘better’? Mean old middle school me would have. Lol. Sorry…I hope my humor is appropriate as I did not want to make light of the situation. Obviously comments like that hurt, especially when we are younger…..and you remembering she said that back then stuck and I wish she had not said that.
      Common assault….sounds like her husband is abusive….maybe she is already suffering way more than we’d ever know eh….does not sound healthy, her home life that is. 🙁


      You go let your gut decide what feels right. This could mean discontinuing the class, or going once more to suss it out and see if maybe she stops coming….You have the right to change your mind any time of any day. oxoxxoox

      Small town life can be both amazing and also sooo hard….I live in a community that if it was any smaller…would be unbearable…for me personally…it would be totally perfect for others….That’s the beauty in life, a niche for everyone. But yeah, i’d move too if the local universities and companies didn’t provide some fresh air in terms of all sorts of issues. oxoxoxoxo

      It’s not your fault. You go keep up the good self-care.
      How you feel and what you need, that is what matters.

      • Thanks! It was just so completely way off – I was a completely bookish nerd at school ! I’m a city girl at heart, you know, you’re right about how it can be perfect for some; but my favourite places in the world are Paris, Beirut, Sydney – and this is nothing like any of them !!! I’ll take a view on the class – even just being at the other end of the room would work – and I do feel so much better for it. I’m writing quite intensively at the moment and I need to get out of the house now and then. xxx

    • Ah, I’m so envious that you are going to pilates! I miss my very difficult but effective class. Do not envy your encounter with that woman. Geez! And I was one of those teen age moms, many years ago. Oh, ugh. Too bad for hwr, losing out on so many good things that are to be found in this life. Have a great week end!💛

      • Thanks!! Difficult but effective is a really good description! I do rather ache today. x

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