• ClaireT posted an update 3 days, 9 hours ago

    Hi @footloose. Thanks for shout out . My day2 starts today . THIS HAS TO STOP and changing my routine reading the ebooks that a member posted the links on to explain triggers and very in depth details of the changes that happen in our brain has been awesome . Will keep focussed and determined and busy from 2.00pm . Thank goodness I came back on here for support .

    • This will stop, on wards to day 3. Naked mind is a great book too

    • Hi ClaireT, my day 2 today as well so will be thinking about you and all the other sober warriors with their amazing new routines – I have started listening to the podcast ‘ The bubble hour’ which I can recommend. I’m going to make a lovely, healthy arrabiata sauce for dinner then a refreshing walk and of course more cleaning the house ( it will be like a showhome in a week! Someone suggested a new T.V programme, ‘Chernobyle’ on Sky Atlantic so going to settle down to that after.

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