• ClaireT posted an update 1 week ago

    Day 1 again .
    Downloaded a link one of you lovely members provided for fee e books. I have read so much over the last couple of years trying to break away from this addiction . The power of cravings and doing anything and everything to stop responding to them in order to eventually weaken its hold . And only I have created thus monster that lurks through repeating the drinking cycle every day . Ending my working day at 2.00pm seemed a great idea and worked really well when I was sober . But oh not now . Now the cravings hit at 2.00 and I just give in . Loneliness and being alone at this time has to be tackled in order for me to help overcome and ignore the cravings . I know I can do it . Have done it before . I know as time goes by the cravings fade . So today I will do something different at 2.00pm . Keep myself busy. Walk the dog . Do anything but drink . I will post here to reinforce my commitment . I hate this rollercoaster. It has to stop .

    • Good for you for recognising the need to have a plan! That’s important.

    • Make a firm commitment that it is no longer an option to drink. It’s not easy but it’s up to you….you can do it! 🙂 Empower yourself by saying that you CHOOSE not to drink any longer. You deserve the best life has to offer. Every day you wake up and make a commitment that you won’t drink just for today. For me, I had to want it more than anything else in my life to get it to stick. You can too. 🙂 xoxoxooxx

      • And because I really choose not to like my life depends on it . Thank you so much

      • Lee@ replied 1 week ago

        I agree with @sober4real and @DaveH. I had some success staying sober in the past but it was limited until I made a firm commitment to my self. Doesn’t mean that I am never tempted to drink anymore, I just don’t give in to the temptations or cravings and they have become less frequent. It takes practice and effort to retrain the brain but that’s basically what I’ve had to do as mine was hard wired to drink. You can do this!

    • DaveH replied 1 week ago

      “It has to stop” is a really powerful thought. When our heads are going off with BS reasons why we should drink a really successful counter argument why we shouldn’t drink is “because this is what has to happen”. Our minds find it hard to argue against this one. Keep doing the things that works, keep looking for more things that help and keep going.

      • Thanks for this . Just bawled my eyes out . It has to stop . Because this is just what has to happen . Thank you

      • MaryB replied 1 week ago

        There is some good stuff here thank you. Yesterday I went to my uncles funeral it was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, he was the last adult in our family I knew from my childhood. It was a long day I was really tired at the end of it and wot did I do on the way home I went into a shop brought a bottle of wine, took it home and drank it. I haven’t done that for months. I’m painting my office today and I feel much better than I deserve to be but I’m a bit worried why I gave in. “this has to happen” may help next time so ta tons all of you and keep safe today x

    • “This has to stop” I said the same exact thing. You CAN do it. Decide it. Truly believe and commit to it. And do anything and everything you can to stick to it and you can make it happen. LIttle by little it will get easier, because little by little, minute by minute, time goes by and you get stronger and clearer. No, it’s not easy in the beginning. But it definitely gets better. Day by day. Be very very kind to yourself. Be your own very best friend. Look out for you. And come here often. The support and encouragement here is life changing. Sending good wishes for another AF day.

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