• chasingthedandelion posted an update 6 days, 3 hours ago

    Day 11 down. Seeing some positives and not having to white knuckle it so much. I have avoided the supermarket until today and it wasn’t an issue not buying wine. Might have over compensated by buying 3 different teas though! Noticing much clearer head, quicker thinking and seem to be starting to laugh more. Also I had been having some joint pain (knee and hip) thought I was just ageing too fast at the age of 37 but it seems to have drastically reduced. Anyone else notice that? Anyone in their first few days the second week is easier so hang in there!

    • Re the pain I think from memory it’s because alcohol is inflammatory. Lovely to hear your laughing more

      • Really.? I didn’t know the whole inflammatory thing. I’m going through crazy joint pain. Actually thought I was catching a bug yesterday

        • Highly inflammatory hence the big cancer, dementia and god knows what else risk. For some, the damage is long term and diet change is also needed to reduce symptoms – no sugar! high healthy fats and low carb is also often transformative – check out keto.
          Age is not our friend though 🙁 but I have had no back trouble since being A/F, though way more yoga so that is a big help. Do you have a high carb diet @getclear? Sugar?
          Of course it could be viral too …

    • Yup Chasing the Dandelion, clear head, joints move easier, breathing easier too. Day 10 nearly over in Nz and it’s a great feeling. I’m into the fruit teas too.

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