• chasingthedandelion posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Arrrggghhh!! Day 8. Had a great few days with minimal cravings but now I am back at work and it’s coming up to 4 and the cravings have hit! I don’t want to drink but I hate the sad and deprived feeling of knowing I can’t. I am so looking forward to the day when I get home, do dinner, bath time and bed time with my little boy then sit on the couch with my Husband and think ‘hey! I haven’t thought about a drink all day’.

    • Went for a hill walk, feels good getting back and over the worst of the days cravings.

    • I recon the first few weeks cravings/habits arise quite a bit. Change up your routine, delay distract. And yes one day will come where you realise you haven’t thought about drinking

    • Always helped me to empower myself. It’s not that you cannot it is that you choose not to. 🙂 Hang in there….the detox is almost done. 🙂

    • Promise it happens xx

    • it will happen as long as you don’t drink. I don’t know if you’ve heard the stray cat analogy for cravings – if you feed them they come back more often – if you cut them off totally they’ll eventually go away (actually now that I’ve written that down I’m not sure I like it any more – poor cat!)

      • Haha. Very true. I know Allen Carr in his quit smoking book says ‘if you don’t feed the monster it will die’, your cat analogy reminded me. Thank you!

    • Oh @chasingthedandelion, that day is right around the corner. You’ll find that those urges begin to fade away rather quickly – and when they pop up again, they’re brief and fleeting, and you’re all the stronger. You’re doing the hard part now, but it will get easier and more joyous every single day … promise!

    • That day will come. I promise. I used to count the minutes until 5:00 and now I very rarely think about it. What helped me in the early days was playing it forward.

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