• CascadeClimber posted an update 2 weeks ago

    I did my two week AF celebration today with a climb of a peak in the Olympic Mountains. I wasn’t the fastest by I summited, something that would not happen if I had the slightest shadow of alcohol in my system. Encountered four super fuzzy mountain goats and I took some time to play in the snow before starting my descent. I made my profile cover photo that last image I took before heading down.

    • Congrats! Amazing 🙂

    • That’s my kind of celebration! Congrats on two weeks! My husband and I are taking our kids for our first family backpacking trip tomorrow up near Breckenridge. Hoping to see some mountain goats, too! 😊

      • Very cool, that’s a beautiful area! For me, mountains are the ultimate cleanser.

        • Mountains are that for me, too. I hadn’t thought to celebrate with awesome climbs and hikes. Coincidentally my 30 days will be a few days before my husband and I happen to have a 14er hike planned. Thanks for helping me perceive it as a celebration, too! Have a great rest of your holiday weekend.

    • that’s so cool cascadeclimber 🙂

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