• CascadeClimber posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Got stuck in some serious traffic on the way home today from work, thoughts of a cold beer were drifting around my melon but I kicked them out. Instead I dropped my wife at the beach so she could read her book while I ran the trails on the cliffs overlooking the sea. It was my cleansing moment and today I feel like I needed more than yesterday.

    • It’s great you got out for your run.

    • I am not jealous of the beach I am not jealous of the beach I am not….
      Lol. In all seriousness….WELL DONE on choosing that trail run over beers. Your cells smiled as they got all that extra oxygen and the post-run high is such a natural awesome experience. Go you!

    • Good on u for pushing through. You will feel SO good for not drinking… we never regret That!

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