• Bridgett posted an update 6 days, 18 hours ago

    I thought I was going to have an easy long weekend with non-drinking people, but it was actually really hard! My sister and brother-in-law were around on Friday and Saturday, and they are big drinkers. Then I was left with my mom and my cousin, both of whom are non-drinkers, but we had a big family fight over politics! (I live in the state of Alabama in the U.S. and was visiting in Florida. ‘Nuff said.) I didn’t drink and I wasn’t tempted to drink, but the experience made me realize how often and for how long I have used drinking as a CRUTCH. I am going to choose where and with whom I spend my time very carefully now so that I don’t ever depend on alcohol like that again. I came home a day early and was so relieved to be home and still sober. I thought of you all here and what I would tell you about this weekend, so there it is. : )

    • Socialising is the hardest part to think about getting though. I come from a big family of drinkers, never struggled with it until the last 5 years. It is awesome being able to come on here and get that almost instance support. You’re amazing for gettin through that tough episode and still sober. Thank you for inspiring me xx

    • My mother said never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table 🙂 With both each party thinks they have the right answer lol. Well done on looking after yourself and protecting your sobriety

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