• Bondi posted an update 10 months ago

    Have just had coffee with my beautiful friend and sober buddy @Jules. Today we celebrate 1400 days since we kicke the dreaded wine bitch to the gutter. What have I lost? Absolutely nothing. What have I gained? My life and good one at that. No more regret, guilt, self loathing etc etc. I have gained the trust of my daughters, who allow me to have my precious grandchildren to stay without their parents close by, that on its own is priceless and probably the best thing ever, just me and the kids and our own rules or none, ha!ha! The orange counter also tells me I have spent $16,000.00 on things special to me, be it stuff for my family, holidays, massages, facials and not on bloody wine. How good is that. So for all our newbies, believe you can do it, I drank for close to 50 years, don’t waste another day feeling trapped. Make the decision to just stop. It’s not easy,it can hard, there will be good days and there will be bad, but keep going, those small steps will get you to the top where the view is amazing. Thank you @mrs-d for showing the way and all the beautiful people I have met along the way, and a special mention @janus2, sending love and big hugs. Oxox

    • Helloooooo lovely @Bondi Big hugs to you and @Jules , well done both of you. xo
      These years have been the best , haven’t they?
      Not sure when I will be back up, your way, for a visit. Playing grandma myself and I love it!
      Love to you both xox

    • Fantastic post @Bondi. You are an inspiration. I soooooo wish I had the trust of my kids to look after the grandies. It breaks my heart but totally my fault for having drunk alcohol and then driving my 1year old grandaughter. Oh how I wish I could erase that from all our memories.

      • Stay with us @Annie, The trust will come in time, be patient. When I first joined here someone’s daughter gave her a bracelet which simply read “not today”. That’s really all you have to do. Wish it were that simple but it helped me on the bad days when I could have killed for a sav. Trust that those memories will fade and you will regain your families trust. Xoxox

    • Just what I needed to hear today !!! Today is a tough one , you are an inspiration

      • I have always been a bit of a lurker, but have gained so much from the beautiful people here. Stay close to us, sometimes just reading the posts here is enough to get you through the bad times, and if you need help just post. There is always someone here to encourage. Xoxox

    • huge congrats to you and @jules .. both such lovely, kind, stylish ladies and SOBER HEROES! xxx

      • Thank you Lotta. Not worth thinking what life would be like if you had not had the courage to share your story and show us the way. Big hugs xoxox

    • Ro replied 10 months ago

      Congrats @bondi awesome achievement and inspirational to me 🙂

    • Lovely post @bondi , so inspiring beautiful lady xx

    • Congrats @bondi 🙂

    • Wonderful post and wonderful achievement @Bondi

    • 😉 well fuck me @bondi and @jules 😉 massive congrats and both very cool posts. Xo♡

      • Hi @janus2 Thank you little buddy. Did not expect to hear from you today, so my day gets even better. How are you? Sending huge hugs and lots of get well wishes. Xoxox

    • 1400….LEGEND!!! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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