• Bobby posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    I had a bit of wine last night, didn’t want the rest so gave it to my boyf. I caved in to the “I feel rubbish, got lurgy, I deserve a glass of wine” mantra. Then my brain switched on and realised that was the last thing I needed. So although I still have an awful cold, I am not hungover or dehydrated. X

    • Well done for managing to stop from going further. How you would be feeling today if you’d got drunk? Top result.

    • So good not to feel hungover. Hold on to that feeling. Can you replay it to yourself before you open the fridge/bottle? Get rid of that wine witch at the earliest sign of her lies in your ear!

    • so this is a trigger for you bobby. something to learn from and remember next time. it helps you plan to stay AF – if i feel sick, i’m more vulnerable to ending up drinking. plan accordingly.

      and well done stopping before it got to hangover material 👍🏼

    • A trigger to be aware of. Well done on stopping though 🙌 you will be much stronger when the bubbles brain appears xx

    • @bobby – glad you had self-awareness and glad you are here! This Naked Mind by Annie Grace was so impactful for me with my thinking.

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