• Bobby posted an update 2 months ago

    Another AF day done! Sensible decisions in order to best look after myself as I do a busy week while feeling under the weather. Much greater peace of mind at the moment. Less negativity and I have a stronger sense of purpose, achievement and self value. My inner monologue is no longer berating me for being useless by drinking again and making that choice which I know is stupid. The inner monologue can still be a bitch, but it has eased up a little! X

    • yay bobby! you’re even posting in longer sentences! that’s a funny observation, isn’t it? LOL

    • JM replied 2 months ago

      Fantastic, Bobby! : )

    • Awesome @bobby! You’ve got this.

    • Peace of mind is an awesome thing. The yapping inner voice will fade – but the inner peace just keeps spreading and getting deeper. And the best part is that you will find it’s there when you least expect it to be – but when need it the most.

    • You sound like a whole new person!

      • Yay @Bobby …..I love seeing your posts that your still AF …..huge respect and well done you …..keep at it girl 😊😊

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