• Bobby posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    It has started already, the WW. It is sunny, Friday lunchtime, nearly the weekend, the voice is back, chipping away, nagging, manipulating. I am trying to deflect it and thinking of other treats I can have instead. Any suggestions?

    • There is a 10 minute mindful meditation I find useful on You Tube …..

      Search for …….Urge Surfing Meditation for Addiction with Brainwave Entrainment

      • Thanks Tewy, I listened to 2 different length Urge Surfers and put them in my toolbox. I love the help I’m finding in so many different ways here. I’m thankful.

    • Is there an AA group nearby you could suss out? oxoxo Having face-to-face support can be so helpful….and thanks for your kind words the other day, Bobby. Much appreciated. I have been meaning to get back with a few people here for days now, including you, but work was just so insanely busy and I am way behind….

      I was going to reply to you that the only reason I am calmer (not calm at all times, I still freak out regularly) because I got professional help. There is NO way I would have gotten sober, stayed sober, and healed without my therapist. No way. I was well past the self-help aisle and headed straight for an ER visit and psych ward had I not picked up that phone to make that first appointment 5 years ago. Too much childhood stuff, too much shame from my drinking, too much suicidal ideation.

      Just know you’re not alone, and there is help if the cravings become too heavy to carry.
      It’s almost summer…no more teaching for a few weeks….push through. We are almost there! Once you have time to decompress and maybe travel with your man to the sea it will be easier…..Planning a vacation might combat the cravings this weekend….all that money could go toward entrance tickets for museums, or maybe a kayak tour on a river or lake…..


      Lots of love your way.
      I am still as convinced as ever that you will get sober and stay sober. It’s ok that it takes time and more than one attempt.

    • Yep. Make a pizza. By the time you go to the store, make the pizza, eat it, and clean up, the evening will be over. Then a little reading or TV, and turn in early. Play it forward, think of how good you’ll feel tomorrow morning. Whatever it is you decide to do, just keep busy. And remember the WW is you, and your addicted brain. There’s really only one thing we can’t do, so there are so many things that we can do!

    • Yeah, that’s a big trigger. Sunny Fridays. Ok, so the weekend is not a reward for white-knuckling it through the week. It’s just another day. Find a visually pleasing drink to put in a great glass to drink in the sun. I drank lots of soda water and lime over ice or cranberry and tonic. The days will be long and it’s ok to veg out in front of tv all weekend. This is not the time to put pressure on yourself to get things done. Just get through your drinking hours, how many for you? 3? 3 out of 24. Then early bed. Read your previous posts. Your making headway! Great job!

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