• Bobby posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Day 3. Back to school after a 3 week holiday. Still feeling very low about how I treated my parents and I don’t know how to manage it and make amends.

    • You’ve hit the nail in the head Bobby. Making amends is what it’s all about.

      You will have to be the judge of how and when. Your mum might need some time before she’s ready to hear an apology, idk.

      Meanwhile take care of you ok? It’s a rough ride. You need some self-care and self-love too. Try to talk to yourself like you would a dear friend who has made a mistake.

      Lots of love xxx

      • Hey Bobby ……something that’s helped me which you may find possibly puts things into perspective ……Brene Brown “The power of Vulnerability “. Google it if you get chance – it’s on you tube 😜
        Worth a 20 minutes listen too I reckon …..x

    • I’m the mother of 3 grown kids and we have had some heated times over the years, going through tough life challenges. When any of them has treated me disrespectfully, I have always understood they were suffering and stressed. Apologizing and sharing about the problem restored our closeness. They have been patient with my over reactions too. I hope you can talk things over together. @Bobby. Be kind to yourself. Life can be hard and we just do the best we can and then try again.

    • Well done on day 3, @Bobby.

    • I’m not saying it’s impossible to break the parent child bond, but it’s nearly impossible. Parents worry about their children from day one until forever. It’s possibly the most unselfish form of love, that of a parent for their children. Case in point, look at what @juliana wrote. Not saying that improper behavior shouldn’t be recognized and corrected, but you’re seeing that. Alcohol sure does screw things up. Made me say things I needed forgiveness for.

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