• bluesmum posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Had a great day today day 27…ironically little voice said as I walked in the sunshine….what a great day…you should have a Bayleys when you get home to celebrate!….good trick…not!

    • Yeah… weird how those thoughts pop up just when you’re feeling really good about being clean and healthy. It’s a little jarring sometimes (for me).

      • It’s ironic how it even picks out the ideal drinks…not too strong…Bayleys…more like an adult milkshake for doing such a great job.😉

    • Pops into my mind constantly. Was shopping today and whipped my head around looking for milk and found a wall of cold beer about twelve inches from my face. I whipped my head back the other way just as fast and even though for a split second there was that annoying “you totally could just…” I pushed it away and went to find the milk and didn’t think about it again. Ugh.

    • Starting Day 27 here 🙂 I’ll watch for that little voice. Thanks for posting. Good to see you doing well.

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