• bird posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi I wondered if someone can help me. I use the the name Bird on this site. But it’s changed to Al lol. Not sure how this happened or how to change it back x

    • @Al when you are in edit more in the space that says about you above your statement you must have typed your name Al in there and it removed Bird. Go back to editing your profile and right above the area to type about yourself you can put Bird in.

    • We were not able to change our user name on the old site. I am unsure if you can now. When @mrs-d is back from camping she will be able to confirm if it doesn’t change for you. A bit of a mystery if it changed itself though!??!!

    • hey @bird I don’t know why that had changed itself to ‘al’ .. your username in the back end is actually still bird.. I have changed it back to display as such! x

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