• behind-the-sofa posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Happy New Year!!! I just did @suek ‘s leaving the year behind ritual…. those writing prompt questions were good, I think it’s important to keep in mind the things that made us happy in the past so we can consciously try to recreate them more going forwards….. for me those things were all about having meaningful connections with people…… looking back on 2018 I have to say it was probably the best year of my life….. and that’s not to say it was easy, (I had a full on depressive/anxious breakdown which lasted for about a month) but I think coming through that with the support of others and getting through other challenges is what made the year so great for me and such a year of personal growth….. stress and challenges may not be pleasant at the time, but in hindsight they can be excellent opportunities to expand your self awareness and grow.

    • Yay! Happy new year! ❤️

    • I totally relate to this! I had a very challenging year but the outcome was big personal growth in many areas of my life and this ritual helped to remind me of that! Looking forward to the welcoming in 2109 ritual!
      Happy new year and massive congratulations to you x

    • Hey @behind-the-sofa, I just finished doing the “goodbye 2018” ritual too. It was a really gentle and introspective year for me, which I’m grateful for, as I enjoy being quiet and not having a lot to deal with. Good to hear you are well and going for the personal growth and awareness.

    • Happy new year @behind-the-sofa wishing you great things for 2019. Love that you are connecting with others and taking care of you. Love your posts and your art, you are so talented. Xoxo

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