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    It’s 3.30am and I have the wine awakes. My house is so tidy as I wander through, washing put away, lunchboxes ready for the morning. I just dont really remember doing much after cooking tea. Yesterday I hankered for a drink from about 2 on and waited until the kids were home and then drank it all. Day 1 again.

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    Back to day 1 again. My birthday yesterday and I drank it all. Today I’m average and just going to use this birthday as a fresh start because I can’t keep doing this.

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    Day 1 again today, just couldn’t get past the anger and feelings of loss of control and self. Reading here today there are some great strategies and I’ll keep in touch to start again. Back to my journal and lists.

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    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” – C.S. Lewis

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    I read somewhere about the dogs yanking the chain, that feeling of need. I can’t have anything in the house either. I have finished the champagne we kept from our wedding, I’ve finished dribbles of others bottles left over after gatherings and I’ve even had Pimms warm and straight just because. Far out writing it down sounds terrible. I’m at day 4, thinking maybe I could control it, surely I don’t have to go forever with nothing but being honest that won’t work. To see you at day 9 is so very encouraging, that’s 2 weekends! You got this!

    • Hey @beccap… I don’t think there’s much any of us here would be shocked at… We’ve all drunk things like your list. Day 4&5 are right in the thick of it for withdrawals… I promise u… Stick past day 4/5 and u will see an instant improvement. Well done… YOU are doing it too! X

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    Day 3, thank you very much for the messages of support and books to read. Stayed outside with kids and got fish n chips last night to override the evening meal prep wine, will keep reading here for other strategies.

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    Last night was the first without wine, so is this day 1 or 2. Had to fight the urge to go for a drive. In November last year I went away for a girls weekend and ended up falling down stairs and shattering my femur. Tequila. Still recovering. After becoming quite reliant on pain relief and stopping that I have steadily increased the wine consumption again. Sweating with the wine awakes at 3 in the morning I swear I must stop but the memory always seem to fade. Writing this down is frightening but I have 3 beautiful children and a husband I now hide wine bottles from.

    • @BeccaP Great to hear from you! I would recommend getting “Alcohol Explained” by William Porter, available on Amazon. Very clear and concise and an excellent explanation of why and how of alcohol. You can certainly do this! No more hiding in this prison. Set yourself free to be who you are! Peace.

    • You are not alone @BeccaP .Your story sounds similar to mine, except it was vodka for me. I am on day 6 today. We can do this!

    • I think it’s day 2! Hurray, you never have to go through another day 1. Immerse yourself in sober material. Decide to give up alcohol altogether. There simply is not a single good reason to drink. Not for the taste, not for the high, not for the escape. You can make a list of all the reasons to stop but I bet they won’t stop you. Try to think of a GOOD reason TO drink. You won’t find one that hasn’t a better, healthier solution. And make a plan to miss the piss for the first week, it will get easier, I promise!

    • Welcome @BeccaP. You are not alone, all of us here are behind you with this. Plan your day well especially around the times you would normally drink. Have AF drinks readily available. Go to bed with the children if you have to just don’t drink today. I am not drinking today. Check in here as often as you want. Love to you❤️

    • @BeccaP – I’m not surprised that writing it down is frightening, you have been through a lot with your injury, medicating with pain meds, wine, sweats, hiding wine bottles. I remember I went through a phase of going online and completing these “Is your alcohol use out of control?” style questionnaires. I even did one at my doctor’s practice once, every time I would score in the high-risk/ seek treatment range. It sounds like you are already being insightful and questioning what’s been happening and how your drinking is affecting you. This is a fabulous place for support and please don’t be scared to post. You are not alone. Huge congrats for day 2 xo

    • I used to hide my wine bottles from my fiancee. He always found them because he knew I hid them.yet I continued to do so. Mental right? Keep that thought of what you told dear when ever you want to drink. That’s what I do and it stops me from drinking. I have so much to lose. And for what stupid alcohol! Fast forwarding helps a lot of people here myself included. Will it only be one? Most likely not. Will I drink the whole bottle? Absolutely. It’s not worth it. Also I treat myself after a month to something I really wanted that’s not alcohol related. Like a massage or a handbag. Feels like I earnt it. Go you for wanting this sober life you can do it!

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