• beccajane posted an update 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for all your kind words and welcomes. I came here to find my sober tribe, I thought that others would have the experience of a husband still drinking. It’s making things a lot harder for me but it’s his choice and I can’t control that. It helps to have your inset.

    Last night was my first sober party…I designated myself driving duty to outfox the “have a drink” voice in my head. It was okay, I even danced sober! Turns out you can have fun drinking soda and lime. The only problem is that people asked if I was pregnant! What?!? No! Why does a woman not drinking mean she is pregnant? Even when she’s driving?

    I also received the insight that I hate disappointing people, hate that they might feel disappointed. Even when it’s about my own life choices. Very odd.

    • Well done to you. I find peer presure really hard, but i think the more you do something the easier it gets. Being in a minority requires strength so feel proud of yourself.

    • It sooooooo is possible to have fun dancing sober!!! The groove is just the same, especially when you have been out from under alcohol’s grip for awhile. Sober driver- great strategy!!!! I drove a minibus full of drunk people yesterday, not really recommending that, but we actually had heaps of fun. There were a few pointed questions about my sobriety, plus one woman who put me through an inquisition. Then confessed she thought she needed to do the same thing. Yes honey, you do…
      Anyway- well done!!! Partying sober (and surviving) is a big milestone.

    • Nice job!! You’ll find most people don’t notice or care what you’re drinking. The ones who do usually have an issue of their own with alcohol. Stay strong.

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