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    Hi Everyone. Oh my goodness…did I ever get a lifeline thrown my way this weekend, and it was in the form of my eldest son. He and his girlfriend were visiting and I stocked up on what I knew he (and she) liked to drink. When they arrived and I offered his usual, he announced that he has chosen to live an alcohol free life and is no longer drinking. Now, the “normal” mom would have told him that was great and that she is doing the same thing, right? But I am not “normal” because I have a problem with alcohol. So, I gave him a ginger ale and went ahead and had myself some front of him…the child that is trying not to drink. In fact, he was the only one in the house (other adult kids and my husband were there, too) that was NOT drinking. And you know what? He did it. The whole weekend…in spite of having to be surrounded by it. Enough is enough. I wrote him this morning and told him how much fun we had with both his girlfriend and him. More than that, I told him how proud I am of him swimming upstream against the current in this booze-soaked world. I told him he was an inspiration to me, and that I am committing 100 percent to doing what he is doing…living an AF life. I then told my husband that I want to be sober, and he told me that after watching our son, he had made the decision that he’d like to stop drinking, too, but didn’t want to make me feel like I had to do it with him. So…it’s out. I’ve finally firmly shut the door that I had left open a crack, in case I decided I wanted a drink. The best part is this son and girlfriend are coming for Christmas and I have already told him I’d make sure we have tons of delicious AF drinks, for US! 🙂 Who would have thought it would be the kid teaching the mother? So proud of him for “getting it” at a young age, and for courageously being open about his decision. Wish I’d done it years ago myself, but better late than never. 🙂

    • This is fantastic!

    • Wow! This is so cool. What a fabulous family you all are x

    • Ah, so great. Happy for you all.

    • I am so happy for you and your family @barnmomma. What an inspiration your son is and good on ya for seeing the light 🙂 I too have a 20-year old daughter who is most wisest person for such a young age. Some young people just seem to get it these days where i know at lot of my generation didn’t. My son (18) also hardly drinks and has just given up smoking, still vapes, but is trying to give that up too. All hail the Millennials!!

      • Thank you, @ladyhawke. I really believe God sent me a lifeline in the form of my son…or a huge wake up call. Either description works. I did read that the younger generation is drinking much less than ours. That’s a good thing, for sure. Amazing when the kids light the path for the adults! Love it! XXX

    • This is amazing, both my kids drink very little maybe seeing me drunk too many times has put them off, which is a weird blessing, neither have taken on the trait, that I got from my mother.
      My husband also has a drinking problem although he will deny it as his doesn’t impact his work he drinks heavily most nights (at least 4 a week). In my journey I have realised he won’t give up as we have both tried so many times, its very hard when only one goes down this path as whiskey is always in our house. He is blinkered but my family and his mention his drinking can be excessive. Wow that was a “moment” maybe being away from him will help me do this although heartbreaking x

      • Hi @Sharon. It’s very interesting that the kids either drink less or not at all…or maybe drink and then see it for what it is and stop, isn’t it? I wish that had worked like that for me. I watched both parents, but mom, especially, drink to full blown alcoholism, and it still wasn’t enough to ward me off. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s drinking. It would make it much more difficult, for sure, having a partner who continues on, when you’re trying to quit. Who knows, maybe your sobriety will be the thing that takes the blinders off for him, and he’ll join you? Hugs to you. XXX

    • @Barnmomma, sounds like things are falling together for you and your family. Absolutely fantastic!

    • Wow! Those are the kind of family values I can definitely embrace. How wonderful!

    • Go you, you sober star, big hugs, you can do this and it will be awesome!

    • Absolutely fantastic, what a wonderful son and husband, lucky you to have close support. Big hugs xox @Barnmomma

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