• authentic posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    So I’m sobbing in the loo. I have fought again with my wife(I’m a girl too, I don’t know why I need to say that but it seems important) and I think this is my rock bottom. I believed I could drink, I was wrong and I am coming back to the community asking please help me. I have had enough, I need sobriety and I know now I can’t do this on my own. I am here to say I want a life where I can be me and I need help. I don’t know that I have ever asked for help before. Thank you for knowing how scary this feels

    • @authentic deep breaths. It’s going to be ok. You couldn’t have come to a better place for help. We’ve all been where you’re at and we’re here for you. I know it’s scary. I remember being terrified at the thought of trying to live my life without booze. But the reality is you CAN. You really can. Hunker down, stay close here, be kind to yourself, read blogs, listen to podcasts. The more you do that, the more you reinforce all the great stuff that comes from ditching the booze. It’s so worth it!!

    • @authentic you can do it. This is a great place, it has helped me greatly. Take care of yourself. Try to rest, sleep, and exercise if possible. Be good to yourself.

    • Welcome @authentic, we have all had our rock bottom and the only way is up. Stick with us, check in as many times a day as you need, there is always someone to help. Alcohol dictated how I lived for over 40 years, if I can do it ,with the help of the support here I have been sober coming up 4 years, you can too. Be kind to yourself, take time for yourself and ditch the piss, as our dear Prudence spwould say. Xoxo

    • Hi authentic. freedom1025 has pretty much covered most things but just try and breath and stay calm. Take one day at a time. The world will look much different tomorrow. I gather you are a young woman with your life ahead of you. Please don’t let the booze beat you or one day you will be looking back with regrets. I am not trying to lecture you but I have been thinking that I could drink for over 40 years. I am now trying to get it out of my life as I look back at the missed opportunities, wasted money and broken relationships over all that time. Problem is I don’t have many years left to enjoy sobriety. You have a whole life. I am sure you can do it. I will be cheering for you every step of the way.

    • big hugs to you, great you are here. One day you will look back on this rock bottom and be thankful (I am very thankful for my rock bottom as it got me to change and get that shit wine out of my life). Hugs x

    • Oh wow you are in the RIGHT place! We know all about rock bottoms. We know all about sobbing uncontrollably. We know all about thinking we could drink but shouldn’t. We know all about asking for help.
      I’m so glad you’ve done that. Let us be here for you xo

    • Yep this community is amazing. Yep I thought I could drink.. I stop, then slip back thinking moderation is me. It is not. , then come back here again and people are so kind and supportive, no judgement. I am again at Day 8 and I check in every day until I feel I can go a week. It keeps me on track . Ask for as much help as you need.

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