• AprilsFool posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Checking in at day 190 – a very weird place on this sobriety journey for me. Feeling a little overwhelmed, still fighting anxiety and sometimes find myself deeply depressed. Maybe I’ve been depressed all along and just drank my way through it. (?) Knowing I need to make a ‘plan B’ for myself and not knowing where/how to begin. But still committed to being sober – forever. It’s the one thing I’ve definitely learned so far – that nothing good can come of continuing to drink and no good change will happen by drinking again. So onward today and tomorrow as well. Lurking around the edges and thinking of you all. Soaking up your wisdom and support. Wishing everyone a great day.

    • Hi @Aprilsfool! I know everyone’s ‘journey’ is different, but also similar – I remember between days 160 + 200 just feeling like a slog, a desert, sobriety felt a bit meaningless + then things shifted after that, new benefits emerged – I found it so interesting. xo

      • Thank you @JM. You’ve kind of hit it right on the head for me. Feeling meaningless overall. Not necessarily the sobriety part, but kind of like – ‘where the hell am I going with this?’ Of course the changes in my health have been extraordinary in terms of feeling human again on a consistent basis. But I guess I’m looking for those new benefits you refer to. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s been incredibly helpful to learn about other’s experiences. It’s true that the journey is different for everyone, but I do think, we share a certain similarity in how we get there. I appreciate your help.

    • Have you got any remedies? natural or medical? I am always asking this as it makes a huge difference to my mood, calm, life – EVERYTHING, when I remember to take some helpful things. And exercise. And sleep enough. Changes the world.

      • So many of us here @aprilsfool that have self medicated our depression. Have you tried St John’s Wort or Ashwaghanda? I take both – the Wort for depression and the other to reduce stress hormones. I honestly feel they help. Getting a sufficient amount of the proper type of magnesium is good too, your body needs it to balance adrenal hormones.

      • Hi @WakingOwl. No I haven’t tried St Johns Wort and haven’t heard about the other thing you mention. I’ll certainly look into it. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Yes @morgan. I could certainly use a bit more exercise on a consistent basis. Got the sleep part covered since that’s my favorite thing to do – especially now that I don’t spend half the night hating myself. Boy! This getting sober stuff is one thing – but STAYING sober is a whole nother! Thanks.

        • A very good thing to have t2/3 under way 🙂 Loads of B vitamins, D, C, omega 3s, definitely all the owl says, decaf coffee and loads of camomile. Soothe those adrenals and boost all the serotonin and dopamine producing chemicals. L-theanine is great for that. Oh, and tumeric is not ony joint healing, it has been shown to work as well or better than prozac (in small trials), no nasty side effects, only great anti oxidants. Win win 🙂
          Hang on in, it only gets better.

        • Oh whoops, misread, NEED more exercise 🤣🤨 A very good counter addiction to get. Not that I have, but I am stunned by my increased motivation. Each year it gets better- my latest is getting to the gym after work at times, & even doing 2 TWO classes sometimes

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