• AprilsFool posted an update 6 days, 23 hours ago

    Good morning warriors. Moving ahead everyday and staying AF 100+ days in. I think I’m beginning to settle down a bit internally. The constant noise in my head has finally shut the hell up. That’s a good thing. Feeling a bit more patient (definitely not one of my usual attributes) but still a bit up and down mood wise. More up than down thankfully. I really don’t find that I miss it. Yes. I still get the 5 o’clock wine call, but not has strong and easily dismissed. Still leaning on the sober tools I’ve learned here (thank you) – especially HALT, which is my favorite go to. Wishing everyone an excellent day. And as always, grateful for this community and each of you. Ta-ta. Xoxo

    • Good morning AprilsFool. Thanks for your post. Waking up to day 45 for me. The tools do help, especially reading posts from victorious people like you that are further down the path.

    • Yip HALT is real. I think ups and downs are normal but social media has convinced us it’s not. Too much lalla and prettyness posted up. As long as we have more up days life is mighty fine

    • Likewise @Aprilsfool! My patience are much better, especially in dealing with other people. HALTing is so important. Not good to run about hungry, angry, lonely and tired. Add drunk to that and wah lah! Hot mess! I’m so glad that parts over. 100 days must be a bit of a turning point as I am beginning to level out some at day 96.

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