• angiex posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Hello all 🙂 I’ve been so busy I’ve not spent much time on here for a long while but I wanted to document 100 days sobriety and thank all of those who have read my journey, sent kind encouragement and shared there own journeys here on Living Sober which really has been an massive contribution to my recovery, especially in those first few days and weeks. So…having had no alcohol for 100 days, I feel 1000 times better, there have been countless consequential blessings, best of all, I get to hang out with the people I love more because my mind and body aren’t constantly in repair mode. I’m so grateful for change and for a family who have loved me through it all. I’ve been writing my about my journey to get and stay sober here,
    To all the newbies, welcome and stay close xxx

    • @angiex Congrats on 100 days!!! That’s my first big goal. It’s encouraging to hear how well you feel at 100 days. 🙂 I read some of your blog, too. Thank you for sharing your experience. Day 24 here. Staying close to this lovely Living Sober community has been a massive contribution to these first few weeks for sure.

    • Yay congrats❤️

    • Woo hoo on 100 days! Fantastic!

    • Triple digits high five!!!!
      oxoxoxo I will get onto checking out that blog of yours right away now too. Thanks for sharing this!!

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