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    Thank you @andian! My perspective is a bit better today, after a busy night at work and some sleep. I love my job, wish I could pack it up and take it with me. haha. We were shut for 2 weeks, mainly due to weather related issues but have finally reopened. This certainly had added to my financial stress. I sat on the debt issues for a while, I suppose hoping that they would hatch into something beautiful? Deary me, the alcoholic mind, even sober it’s as thick as clay at times. I will speak with someone and see what can be done. Is it possible to juice a rock? One of my dearest friends is from NZ. I met her in NOLA nearly 20 years ago. She was one of the first to introduce me to recovery. I will make it there at some point but for now I must slay my own dragons.

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    @Andian – I hear you, by the end of my time drinking I used to buy my wines (my top choice of alcoholic drink) based on the alcohol content too. Was part of the reason I switched from Sav to Pinot Gris, due to most having a higher content. As for mocktails, AF wine and beer, I agree with @SteveF, each to their own. If you find that drinking mocktails triggers you, then don’t drink them. I drank AF beer and wine for a time, but this did trigger me somewhat, and left me bloated so I stopped. We are all very different and what works for one, may not for another. If you are choosing sober, just don’t pick up that first alcoholic drink, whatever that may be 🙂

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    Thank you @andian, I need to have a talk with my fellow… Today he had about 3 bottles of wine. We had friends over, and before they came I made a comment about his back problems (out of concern) which set him off, apparently I ruined his day by talking about it. Too many parallels to my mother. Still can’t believe that i never noticed this before…

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    I don’t drink mocktails to deceive anyone or appear to be drinking like everyone else@Andian. I drink them because most of them taste better than a diet coke or tonic water. It’s refreshing that more bars and restaurants are offering them these days. To each his own.

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    Mocktail shmocktail @Andian. And, when’s a ‘drink’ mean a ‘drink’? Point taken ~

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    @sober4real, @andian, @dixiemama, @annec,@leslielily, @rubyroo,@marmite, @hammer123. Thank-you all so much for your kind words and good advice!! I will reread and think about what to try next. I’m thinking that on-line counselling might be a good next step for me. I have a friend who is doing that. I will talk to her today. Thanks also for the encouragement to keep trying. Today is Day 1.

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    Thanks @andian, that is correct one is never enough!

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    Thanks for checking in @freedom1025 🙂
    It’s been going well. I’ve been exploring in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks this weekend with my family, so been keeping busy! I do know what you mean about weekends and getting used to filling it in other ways. There have been a few times this weekend where I would have usually drank, but it wasn’t too hard to not. And I felt so much better for it. Glad to hear @heidi19 and @andian enjoy what you described. How are you doing?

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    Hi @andian A very likely reason for this is a change in your body’s hydration. When we drink then one of the responses from our bodies is than it shuts down absorbing water into the blood. It doesn’t start re-absorbing until we sober up. It is this response to alcohol that causes us to wake thirsty (and dehydration is a major component of our hangovers). Now that you’re not drinking your body is able to manage hydration properly again and you no longer have extended periods when your eyes are water deficient.

    • Thanks @daveh, that helps. Can I assume that the normal hydration levels affects joints, lungs and liver and kidney function too. I feel a remarkable change in health and body. Breathing easier, joints less stiff and more flexible and changes in waste excretion too. All for the better. Additional skin colour and complexion all improved. The physical benefits are quite amazing. Not forgetting the mind changes. But the physical improvements are great to see and feel.

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    Hi @Andian. Feeling optimistic – cautiously or not – is such a wonderful thing. Helps you get stronger every single day. Congrats on day 19.

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    good to hear it, @andian

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    Done @andian!

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    Hi @Andian. Congratulations on Day 12 today! I know what you mean about clothing feeling tight. All those empty calories sure show up in the body, don’t they? Here’s to new beginnings (and looser clothes!) 😊

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    A great day here in the Waikato! A great day to be sober and actually able to appreciate it. Have a good one @andIan!