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    Mocktail Cocktail; a Fools Paradise,

    This is a very personal sunday morning, clear headed view.

    I loved cocktail bars. Perfect excuse for excessive drinking. Colleagues and partners chose cocktails for taste and flavour, I chose for the maximum alcohol content. That way we drank the same number of drinks but I managed twice the alcohol content. The prefect night out, no attention drawn to myself and everyone seems to get pissed on cocktails so I was no exception.

    On the way to a night out, a cocktail, normally Long Island Iced Tea gave me a 5 shot start on everyone, and I could hand on heart say I had had a quickie on the way. Cocktails, were to me, the easiest way to maximise alcohol consumption inconspicuously.

    The concept of drinking Mocktails is alien to me. To appear to be drinking a cocktail is false. I don’t want to be a lie. I don’t want my friends to appear to all be high on cocktails, I don’t want to be part of the alcohol portrayal of happiness and frivolity, I want to be true to me and drink the drinks that I like, not appear to be like everyone else. I am not fake, I am not “mock”, I am not part of the cocktail scene.

    Mocktails, alcohol free wine, gin, beer, are all part of a myth that alcohol is Ok, any time any place. Drink a drink because you want a drink you like, not to appear to be the same as the crowds.

    • Mocktail shmocktail @Andian. And, when’s a ‘drink’ mean a ‘drink’? Point taken ~

    • I don’t drink mocktails to deceive anyone or appear to be drinking like everyone else@Andian. I drink them because most of them taste better than a diet coke or tonic water. It’s refreshing that more bars and restaurants are offering them these days. To each his own.

    • @Andlan I don’t bother with AF cocktails or beer. Personally I don’t much see the point. Like you I drank to consume maximum alcohol, not for the taste. It has been fun finding drinks I actually find yummy these past few weeks. I have tried more types of iced and hot tea then ever in my life and really enjoy them!

      That being said I have several sober relatives that drink AF beer every day. Not sure if it’s for the taste or the routine, but seems to help them stay sober. Who knows.

      • I have to say I am the same as @stevef here. I love a decent mocktail.
        Definitely not trying to deceive anyone, I’d be the first to admit its virgin but why should people drinking alcohol have all the fun. I’m actually fascinated to see what bars and restaurants around NZ have the best AF cocktails I’m offer
        I’m based in Wgtn, but heading to AK soon for work.
        Anyone have any recommendations?
        In Wgtn Charlie Nobles has a few creative ones. I hear Nightflower does too.
        Havana Bar was incredibly disappointing with its AF selection.
        Perhaps we could start a list of recommendations around the globe in site menu @mrs-d?

    • @Andian – I hear you, by the end of my time drinking I used to buy my wines (my top choice of alcoholic drink) based on the alcohol content too. Was part of the reason I switched from Sav to Pinot Gris, due to most having a higher content. As for mocktails, AF wine and beer, I agree with @SteveF, each to their own. If you find that drinking mocktails triggers you, then don’t drink them. I drank AF beer and wine for a time, but this did trigger me somewhat, and left me bloated so I stopped. We are all very different and what works for one, may not for another. If you are choosing sober, just don’t pick up that first alcoholic drink, whatever that may be 🙂

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