• AndIan posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Hi all. Day 20. Amazing changes in attitude, head space and confidence. Just out of interest has anyone seen changes in eye sight from being AF. I have good sight but wear readers. I am sure there is an improvement.

    • Not sure – sleep transforms my eyesight, so maybe it is the better sleep?

    • Now that you mention it my eyesight seems to clear a lot quicker in the mornings, my eyes were always blurry for ages after I woke up. Prob the hangovers though.

    • Awesome day 20. Yes the headspace is SO refreshing after the booze soaked brain. 😁

    • Hi @andian A very likely reason for this is a change in your body’s hydration. When we drink then one of the responses from our bodies is than it shuts down absorbing water into the blood. It doesn’t start re-absorbing until we sober up. It is this response to alcohol that causes us to wake thirsty (and dehydration is a major component of our hangovers). Now that you’re not drinking your body is able to manage hydration properly again and you no longer have extended periods when your eyes are water deficient.

      • Thanks @daveh, that helps. Can I assume that the normal hydration levels affects joints, lungs and liver and kidney function too. I feel a remarkable change in health and body. Breathing easier, joints less stiff and more flexible and changes in waste excretion too. All for the better. Additional skin colour and complexion all improved. The physical benefits are quite amazing. Not forgetting the mind changes. But the physical improvements are great to see and feel.

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