• Agirl posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Sad news my LS friends- my sweet dog Baxter had to be put to sleep last night. We think he had a brain bleed, but cant be sure. There was no lead up period of illness or slow deterioration (just a sore back about 3 weeks ago). He just suddenly howled in pain and collapsed. He was in and out of consciousness for about an hour, and then not really with us anymore. He was 13, and I have been making sure he got lots of cuddles, walks and appreciation recently- just had a feeling. He has been my only dog ever. Not allowed one as a child, so he was my present to myself and my family. What a lovely, happy, kind, loyal sweet boy he was. I used to call him my ego boost on legs. I was his his special human. He trailed behind me everywhere- just in case I needed some kind of doggie job done. Or needed a happy cuddle.
    My daughters are away at the moment. One comes home today, obviously we will tell her then. The other one is flat hunting in Wellington. She adored Baxter to the moon and back, will be utterly devastated. I don’t want her driving home alone for 7.5 hours in a sniveling heap, so will wait until she gets here on Sunday to tell her.
    Ah what a sad start to 2019. But as I say- I had a feeling. I feel so blessed to have had my happy dog in my life, he has created a richness for my family that can’t be replaced and will always be treasured. Goodbye sweet Baxter boy.

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