• Agent99 posted an update 1 week ago

    Well here I am in the States, enjoying a fantastic AF holiday. Started in San Fran for a few nights being very touristy – Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge, Cable Cars, etc. drove down the Pacific Coast Highway (beautiful!) and we are in Vegas for a 3 nights. next few nights driving a big loop round the Grand Canyon – Zion National Park, Page, Sedona – and then flying down to Austin.

    I won’t lie – plenty of triggering moments – we’re eating out a lot and that drinks menu is getting handed to me a lot – and particularly on The Strip where everyone’s got a drink in hand, often a mini yardglass!. just trying to be very present when I have that ‘missing out’ feeling and be grateful that I’m not missing out on any of this experience in a haze or hungover.

    Take care everyone. Kia Kaha. xx

    • jmtn replied 1 week ago

      Sounds like a fun trip! Great job on staying strong. Enjoy your holiday! I’ve had a few camping trips AF now, but not a true holiday. I can imagine the challenges, but there are so many benefits!!! xo

    • Ro replied 1 week ago

      How cool! Don’t forget you’re not missing out on anything, it’s all a trick in your mind. Hope you can share some more of your trip if you get the chance-love to hear what it’s like in Austin. Have fun 🙂 Safe travels

    • Good work hon keep going xxx

    • I dined with 11 others every night in Italy on the Intrepid tour and they were all drinking and talking about the wine in depth. I felt proud, not left out. I honestly felt like the smartest one in the bunch, whatever they might have thought of me! I felt I was the only one who’d woken up. Enjoy your cool holiday. Clarity is the new black! Xx

    • Mrs D replied 1 week ago

      hopefully American can provide you with some delicious mocktails etc? Sounds like an amazing trip! x

      • After you posted this I asked the very next restaurant (only a chain restaurant, but still) if they had any mocktails and they told me their list of sodas. at least I get ‘bottomless’ diet cokes as most of these place!

    • Really so much more fun to vacation and travel alcohol free – I hope you really enjoyed everything CA has to offer, it’s a beautiful place!!

    • Hey! I live in Austin! Many good places to eat here…hopefully it won’t be too hot. If it is, definitely go to Barton Springs.

      • cool, I’ll see if we have time. can’t be hotter than Vegas, surely (42degrees today). my partners eying up good BBQ and music bars.

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