Living Sober User Workshop-Call for Participants

Calling users of Living Sober – we need you!

The New Zealand Drug Foundation is running a Living Sober User Workshop and they need 10-15 users and/or members of this site to attend. The conference will start at 11.00 (NZDT) on Wednesday the 14th of March and run until 12.30pm.

This meeting is the first step in the project to resolve technical challenges and make improvements to Living Sober. It is your opportunity to give feedback and help shape the future of this community. It’s vital the Drug Foundation hears your voices.

You can familiarise yourself with some of the discussions around plans for the future by reading this post and the comments that have been added after it.

You can be anywhere in the world to take part – the workshop is being held online using the Zoom Video Conferencing App. All you need to take part is a computer or smart device (phone, iPad etc) with a camera attached and internet access.

Register your interest by emailing me at I will then confirm your attendance and stay in contact regarding set-up details.

Thank you in advance!

Lotta (Mrs D)
Community Manager

  1. enzedgirl 4 years ago

    If the Drug Foundation wants to hear user voices, I would suggest they have another workshop aimed at those people, that isn’t at 10pm at night ie takes into account users different time zones.

  2. mullycatNZ 4 years ago

    Fantastic, I will definitely be there online (although pretending to work at the same time!), will flick you an email x

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