Little by little

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Little by little.

Little movements towards change.

First time 5pm rolls by and you don't pour yourself a drink.

First Friday night without booze.

First entire weekend spent sober.

First time you wake after 8 uninterrupted hours sleep.

First time you look in the mirror and notice a change.

First time you move into your day feeling positive and strong.

First BBQ without drinking.

First sober wedding. First Christmas. First birthday. First concert.

First time something simple hits you as something glorious.

First time you feel pure unadulterated joy.

First time you cry gutteral tears.

First time your anger hits you like intense rage.

First time you tell someone your truth.

First time someone shares their truth back.

First time someone says you're brave, you're amazing, you're an inspiration. I'm so proud of you.

Little by little. Inch by inch. Step by step. Hour by hour. Day by day. 

Little movements towards monumental change.

Just take the little steps. Notice the firsts. Enjoy the change. 

You've got this.

Mrs D xxx

  1. Amanda 7 months ago

    I so hope this is true- it’s my 1st Friday today. I’m a all or nothing drinker. the weekend is my downfall. I needed support to not jump in the car and buy a bottle of wine. I feel very scared of the quiet night without that warm fuzzy feeling. This gives me hope that life will still be fun. I’ll stay strong tonight… I hope

  2. whichisnice 10 months ago

    Mrs D says I’ve got this and little by little I’ll know it, too.

  3. samd33 11 months ago

    loved it .. so simple so effective
    from GKS Rehabilitation Center, India

  4. Anonymous 11 months ago

    so simple so beautiful ….
    will use for our patient in rehab

  5. Rajan Tiwari 11 months ago

    Nice informative article, really useful and helpful for addicts and thire family.For more information pls visit

  6. nauerme 12 months ago

    So purely simple. So encouraging. So spot on.
    Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent gifts Mrs. D. !

  7. Sweetgherkin 12 months ago

    This is wonderful! Thanks for posting this as a reminder that it’s baby steps every day to the better me! I’m still very nervous for the first sober weeding and first sober Christmas parties!

  8. Tom4500 12 months ago

    I’ve returned to read this several times now. I feel it has a first half and a second half.

  9. freedom1025 12 months ago

    This brought tears to my eyes it’s so spot on. Thank you.

  10. Mirror 12 months ago

    Just perfect!!

  11. Smilky 12 months ago

    Oh my goodness. Just finished reading my daily devotion and in it are these words “…every problem can teach you something, transforming you LITTLE BY LITTLE into the masterpiece I created you to be…” Now how coincidental is that!!! My mantra for the day (or longer) — Little By Little…

  12. thinkb4udrink 12 months ago

    I love this. ?

  13. 20012015 12 months ago

    Love this….so going to remember to acknowledge my firsts and write my own poem.

  14. Oceania 12 months ago

    This is so special 🙂

  15. MissFreedom 12 months ago

    Love this and so true ❤

  16. cleareyes 12 months ago

    This is wonderful! Thank you!

  17. Kerryjean47 12 months ago

    I really love this ♥️

  18. Winner 12 months ago

    Love it ! ❤️❤️

  19. ClearRainbow 12 months ago

    beautiful Mrs. D. Little by little look what a haven you have created!

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