How to Ask Question

Let’s work together to improve Living Sober. Site Support lets you ask a site question which anyone can answer. But you can also use it to report a technical issue.

Start by searching the existing questions to see whether your issue is already being discussed. You can answer, add a comment or vote them up to show you like or support what is said. =

To post a new question, use Ask Question. There can be many causes or solutions to every issue. So, it really helps others if you can include as much information as possible, such as:

  1. What steps did you take leading up to the issue:
    • Specific actions e.g. I clicked the Post button
    • General steps e.g. I opened the page and typed my text in the comment box
    • What you expected to happen
    • What happened.
  2. The website address of the page where you experienced the issue e.g.
  3. For mobile and tablet devices provide:
    • Model name e.g. iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S, iPad mini)
    • Browser name e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox
    • Browser version number.
  4. For laptop or desktop devices provide
    • Browser name e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox
    • Browser version number.

At any time, email to receive support by email from someone at the New Zealand Drug Foundation.

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