Hot Not-Toddy

Quite a few members have been suffering with the dreaded lurgy lately (colds and bugs and other such indeterminate illnesses). Luckily @quietlydone has come to the rescue with this delicious recipe for a Virgin Hot Toddy. She says the key is to drink it piping hot – as hot as you can stand it. Apparently the cayenne pepper helps clear up congestion so add it if you are feeling blocked up (or just want a bit of extra spice!).

* First brew a mug of strong green or black tea.

* Juice of half a lemon
* One large orange wedge studded with whole cloves
* 1 tbsp honey (I used manuka)
* Pinch of cinnamon
* Pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

Rug up warm and drink it piping hot!


  1. Gilbert 5 years ago

    These ideas are so good I can imagine a wee coffee table book.I would so buy it if I saw it in the book store.What a great gift idea.

  2. PJNT 5 years ago

    I brewed it without the tea as I didn’t want caffeine at night and used chilli instead of cayenne as the weevils had got into my cayenne pepper. Was great!

    • Author
      Mrs D 5 years ago

      Good idea @PJNT or you could use chamomile or another non-caffeinated tea

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