Fun at the kindy disco!

Lots of people have been reading Jason Vale since I raved about how great he was (along with Allan Carr) at getting into my brain and helping me turn my hard-wired thinking about booze around.

I’ve noticed quite a few people quoting his line about kids not needing alcohol to have fun. What he says is “when you went to jelly and ice-cream parties you didn’t need drink to enjoy yourself or to remove your inhibitions. In other words you were able to enjoy and cope with life without drinking alcohol. So why did you have that first drink?”

Good question Jason.

I took my boys to the kindy disco tonight and I can tell you that the pre-schoolers there were having a great time ! There were glow-sticks everywhere and flashing lights, Katy Perry was on the stereo mixed in with a bit of Gangham Style and Party Rock … the place was going off!


I’d like to be able to tell you I had a wild and crazy time myself and felt like a kid again but truth is it was bloody hot and crowded, my older boys were bored and moaning constantly, and I was tired myself and really just wanted to get home and have a cup of tea… but it did make me think.

Not just about kids being happy having fun with no thoughts of needing to brain-bend with liquid drugs. But about music.


I definitely think music is one of my go-to mood enhancers. I am an unashamed fan of cheesy pop music and use it when I need an emotional boost. You know what it’s like when you’re feeling sad and a sad song makes you cry. Listening to cheesy pop music can do the same thing in reverse, it lifts my mood – it’s that simple.

I’ve been on a Taylor Swift kick this week – loving her big time! Anyone got any more suggestions? What tunes makes you feel good? Do you put music into your day? And if not, why not…!

Love, Mrs D xxx

  1. behind-the-sofa 10 years ago

    Many Rivers to Cross; Jimmy Cliff (I think it’s his song) does it great but I really love Joe Cocker’s version.

  2. behind-the-sofa 10 years ago

    Ha ha! Just read your comment Mrs D. I’ll try to think of some more…… “I WAS BORN BY THE RIVER!”

  3. behind-the-sofa 10 years ago

    Alanis Morrisette: Uninvited…. good vid on you tube aswell where she’s performing in front of an orchestra.
    And 4 non-Blondes: What’s Going On?

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Flog that horse baby..! Am listening to that Al Green now and LOVING IT!! Keep em coming xxx

    • behind-the-sofa 10 years ago

      I may be flogging a dead horse here but I’m going to carry on! Nina Simone: You don’t know what it’s like and Al Green: A Change is Gonna Come.

  4. behind-the-sofa 10 years ago

    Just thought of a kick ass song: “Don’t Let me Down” by the Beatles… great vid on the roof too.

  5. behind-the-sofa 10 years ago

    I heard a cowboy song the other night eulogizing about whiskey and cigarettes and it made me feel sad for some reason- maybe for the singer maybe for me, not sure. As far as mood enhancing cheesy pop goes maybe Everybody by the backstreet boys or When the Lights Go Out by Five.

  6. S.D. 10 years ago

    Old School- Meatloaf, Peter Frampton, Dire Straits, Rolling Stones,- Full volume while driving:)

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      Nice! I like a bit of Meatloaf myself…Dire Straits – that’s a good idea! Might go back to some old favorites today…x

  7. Lily 10 years ago

    Mozart’s symphony no.25, blasted really loud, lifts my spirits to the greatest heights & makes me feel amazing, symphonies 40/41 also great, or try Holst the planets: mars x

    • Author
      Mrs D 10 years ago

      I’m listening to number 25 on YouTube right now – it’s great! Thanks for this suggestion.. have been wanting to try some classical…xx

  8. behind-the-sofa 10 years ago

    Sad Songs Say So Much.

  9. Colourful1 10 years ago

    Kindy parties -great for them – crap for us :). So hot and noisy! Music used to be a big go to for me, but now with work environment etc there’s not so much chance. Still love it at parties etc though. Will be interested to see my first non drunk dance effort!

  10. Seizetheday 10 years ago

    Ha I think kindy parties are the MOST exhausting! But yes I agree about the power of music. I listen to the radio on my computer at work – but – if I feel myself dropping in mood n feeling blahh, I turn the radio off n play stuff from my iTunes list that I know will centre me then lift me back to a good level. Then it’s usually back to the radio coz that also helps me feel connected with the world. Music is definitely in the toolbox.

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