Drink of the Week: Salty Puppy

pink fizzy drink

You've got to salt the rim of your glass for this drink to really sing!


Grapefruit juice
Tonic water
Salt for the rim of your glass


Put some table salt on a small plate.
Wet the rim of your glass then place upside down into the salt, moving it around a little until the rim is coated
Then fill the glass to three quarters full with grapefruit juice
Top up with tonic water


  1. wconshygal 4 years ago

    This little fella was downright tasty!

  2. Poppy88 4 years ago

    Yuuuuum! Have all the ingredients to make for Xmas day, can’t wait! thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. SugarBelly 4 years ago

    Looks like a real pretty holiday drink, going to give it a try. thanks.

  4. Liberty 4 years ago

    Yum! Sounds refreshing

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