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The Living Sober ethos is one of sharing, tolerance, connection, understanding and kindness. We encourage warm, friendly and supportive dialogue. We welcome people thinking about stopping drinking or those that just wish to follow conversations (you lovely lurkers). We will not tolerate personal attacks, spamming, posts that break the law or trolling.

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Lotta Dann (@mrs-d) is the founder of Living Sober and our Community Manager. She produces all of the content on the site, supervises the Community Moderators and is on call 7 days a week to address any issues. Email her at any time on

Community Moderators

@gojo - has been a member since March 2017

"I had numerous Day 1 attempts but only managed short lengths of time sober until I found Mrs D's books! When I read and reread "Mrs D is Going Without" I somehow found the determination to free myself. It was  hard work, but once I discovered this wonderful Living Sober site, the support here kept me going! I am now over 2 years alcohol free and life just keeps getting better and better."


@narley - has been a member since November 2018

"I think it’s fair to say that finding Living Sober changed the course of my life, and getting to know the community has helped keep me on that path. Yes, We all struggle and have ups and downs, but experiencing it together makes us all the more stronger."

@seizetheday - has been a member since August 2014

"This site with all the wonderful brave souls on it, is very dear to my heart and I know that without the support from all the people on here, I would not have been able to leave alcohol addiction behind. Together we are stronger than we know!"


@morgan - has been a member since November 2014

"Five years of not drinking has made me realise I never want to go back to that unhealthy (physical and mental) lifestyle. I would never have done it without the support of Lotta and Living Sober."

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  1. maddoglady 3 years ago

    Hi, I have just joined and on day 1, I am having problems posting as the web site says that it couldn’t post at the moment but to come back to it?

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