Call for Community Moderators

As outlined in this recent post by @nathanb, we’re planning some changes to set up Living Sober for the next three years.

A key change is that a small handful of members will become moderators to help me monitor interactions and engage with the community. I will step into a supervisory role and will be on-call to offer support while continuing editorial oversight. Because of this change, some people may notice that I am less visible in the Members Feed.

One of the unique features and incredible strengths of Living Sober is that the tone of our interactions are unfailingly kind and supportive. It’s remarkable and a real credit to all of us that despite often discussing things that are painful and uncomfortable (addiction obviously but also loneliness, grief, mental health issues, family tensions etc etc), we maintain a vibe of warmth, kindness, understanding and empathy. Very rarely (in fact almost never!) do we get stuck on issues or disagreements, nor do we impose our own values and attitudes or put others down for the different ways we might be approaching things.

It is vital that this remains a key feature of our community going forward and Community Moderators will help ensure this.

If you are keen to become a Living Sober Community Moderator you need to have belonged to our site for at least a year and have at least 365 days of continuous sobriety under your belt. You need to be a regular on the site (visiting at least once every couple of days) and commit to maintaining that level of engagement. There is no need to re-register or change your username, you can simply keep using the membership account you currently have.

Your job will simply be to reinforce our ethos of kind, peer based support, answer any straight-forward queries about how the site works (if no-one else has answered it already!), keep an eye out for any concerning behaviour where someone’s safety might be at risk and notify me (@mrs-d) whenever you feel it is necessary.

If you fit these requirements and are keen on becoming one of a handful of Community Moderators drop me an email to

If you are selected I’ll connect with you via Skype or telephone to talk over the role before it begins.

Many other busy online communities work well with community moderators keeping an eye on interactions and I’m sure it’ll also work well for us here at Living Sober.

  1. Anonymous 7 years ago

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  2. soberlynn 7 years ago

    Like Lizi, I’ll be on this site on and off every day. And will continue to read posts and contribute when I think I can be helpful or supportive. However, my husband will be retiring in several weeks and my daily life will be changing. I think he’ll be all I can take on for now. xxx

  3. Prudence 7 years ago

    I will be here as always, probably every day, and will read and contribute as much as I can. It will be best for me to just keep it this way for now. Not wanting to put any extra pressure on myself as I get used to a lot of change. Just thought I’d be up front about that.

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