Best online tribe of sober warriors in the world!

people together

I love our Living Sober community. I just love it. There is so much warmth and kindness going on in the Members Feed - not to mention grit and determination.

I especially love how new members are instantly welcomed in the moment they join…! New member's register and instantly they get hit with lovely welcome notes from existing members. They say things like 'Great to have you here, you're in the right place' and 'lots of warmth and support to be found here - welcome'.

Sometimes a member has only been registered for a day before they start welcoming in other newcomers! It's such a brilliant sense of ownership that Living Sober members have over this site. Yes! Own it people! It's all of ours. OURS! US - the big amorphous swirling group of heroes.

I feel very keenly that I am in a tribe - always have. From very early in my blogging days I have felt surrounded by a gang of like-minded people who are just like me. People who understand what it is like to be trapped in a booze hole, stuck and miserable and wanting out.

All of us people who struggle to control alcohol and need to learn how to live without it are united. We are a tribe, and here at Living Sober that unity is displayed openly and brilliantly. We support one another, lift one another up, empathise, sympathise, relate, encourage, champion.

If you're not a part of it yet - join! All you have to do to join our awesome tribe, the best online gang of sober heroes in the world (if I do say so myself), is self-identify as being someone who struggles to control alcohol.. that's it!! Then you're one of us.

Lurkers, if you haven't already, join us now. All you have to do is self-identify as being someone who struggles to control alcohol. No big decisions need to be made at this point. Just register, pop into the Members Feed and see what happens. I promise you won't regret it.

Mrs D xx

  1. coldswim 3 years ago

    Started here today, heard your story a long while ago and saw myself in it, but only got real 2 weeks ago. Thank you for being open and honest x

  2. Debbie 3 years ago

    It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am welcome here. Very lonely and need a friend.

  3. Starlight 3 years ago

    I would never have made it these 100 days without this amazing tribe. Thank you @mrsd ❣️

    • Daisy70 3 years ago

      Yes this is a great tribe. This tribe is a big big part of this new sober life I enjoy so much. Thanks MrsD.

  4. sober@60 3 years ago

    Looking forward to joining the tribe. X

  5. Tenten3 3 years ago

    What a wonderful read and a great way to start a Friday morning! Have a great day Mrs D xo

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