18 Grateful Sobriety Moments

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I love that I am fully alert in every conversation I have.

I love that I don’t spend hours every day thinking about alcohol.

I love that I don’t wake up in the morning feeling guilty and weak.

I love that I’m not spending loads of money on booze.

I love that my kids are watching someone live a full, stimulating life without touching alcohol.

I love that I’m part of a gang of amazing sober people who live authentically and face up to every emotion in the raw – day in, day out.

I love living sober when I’m tired and emotional.

I love living sober when I’m in the middle of a party.

I love living sober when my inbox is bulging and my to-do list is overwhelming.

I love living sober when I’ve got complex people around me acting in tricky ways.

I love living sober when I’m at the supermarket and I’m being offered free wine tastings.

I love living sober when I’m scrolling through social media and bullshit booze ads pop up in my feed.

I love living sober when my kids are messing up the kitchen yet again and I’m trying to order their school stationery online and the dog has just vomited on the carpet.

I love living sober when it’s the middle of the night and yowling neighbourhood cats have woken me up.

I love living sober when I’m standing in a room full of people talking about addiction and trauma and emotions and real stuff.

I love living sober on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I love living sober at 3am, 9am, midday, 4pm, 9pm and midnight.

I just love living sober.

Mrs D xxx

  1. ilovemydog 9 months ago

    How can we get your books please Miss D?

  2. Megnesium 9 months ago

    Mrs D have just read your third book. I have all 3. Grateful to you for sharing your stories and grateful to be part of this community.
    Day 4

  3. Conrad916 9 months ago

    Listening to your book and really enjoying it. Thank you. Day 2 here. However I did have 14 years some years ago. Ugh. Onward and upward!

  4. Mac56 9 months ago

    I am learning lots about myself being sober, 55 days :0

  5. auntagnes 10 months ago

    Today is my Day One…. Feeling very anxious to be honest.

    • Carla Moore 9 months ago

      Me too. I don’t even have words of encouragement… I just know I must stop this crazy drinking.

    • trueme 9 months ago

      It’s good to know there is someone else out there starting the same journey.

  6. PeterM 10 months ago

    Love life. Live life. Feel it all.

    • Newstart1962 9 months ago

      Thanks Mrs. D
      The journey to get here has been long. With so many failures, never really getting passed a day 3. I’ve loved your books & blogs. They inspired me and as I continually strive through every failure. I am here at day 22. Every reason here is a great reason to be sober.

    • MissFreedom 10 months ago


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